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PhD studentships at Imperial College London

We are always looking for PhD students to join our highly multidisciplinary team to work in research areas such as:

  • Domain-specific languages
  • Code generation and compiler technologies
  • High performance computing
  • PDE-constrained optimisation
  • Machine learning
  • Seismic imaging
  • Medical imaging

PhD positions are sponsored either by industrial funders or studentships you can apply for. Imperial College London offers a number of competitive scholarships you can apply for scholarships opportunities

Chinese students are encouraged to apply via the China Scholarship Council

MSc students - research internships and independent research projects

Each year we accept MSc students from Applied Computational Science and Engineering and the Department of Computing (co-supervised with Prof Paul Kelly) for their dissertation research. Topics range from Compiler technologies to applications using simulation and inversion.

If you have any questions then either email G. Gorman or reach out to us on our slack channel.

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